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Erika Verzutti’s insatiable appetite for art history

Evan Moffitt, Art Basel

November 2021

Photographer Gordon Parks inspired a new generation of artists. Here are some of their stories

Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times

November 2021

‘He’s inspired so many of us’: how Gordon Parks changed photography

Janelle Zara, The Guardian

November 2021

Certified Lover Boy: Becky Hemus on Sophie Barber

Becky Hemus, The Art Paper

November 2021

Dan Fischer

18 November 20218 January 2022

Dan Fischer

Artist Profile

Art Basel

2126 September 2021

Frieze Masters

1317 October 2021

Sophie Barber

Artist Profile

Veronica Ryan in conversation with Sarah Victoria Turner

Sculpting Lives Podcast

Digesting the Canon: Erika Verzutti at Museu de Arte de São Paulo

Evan Moffitt, Art in America

October 2021

Alessandro Raho

Artist Profile